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image storage

Post by fbungarz » 06 Dec 21 20:35

Hi all,
this is a topic not necessarily directly related to Photo Supreme.
I was wondering if anyone here on the forum has recommendations for image storage systems.
Currently I do this this way:
I have an internal 4TB harddisk as my main image storage drive. Using an Inatek harddisk docking station connected via USB 3.0, I use SyncBack to alternately mirror this internal hard drive onto two external harddrives of the same size (also 4TB). I alternate these two drives so that I always have one current and another older backup.
This has served me quite well, but one of my graduate student has recently started a photogrammetry project using stacked images to construct 3D models of lichens. That means we now have an enormous amount of images piling up and probably need to invest in far more storage to be able to archive these images.
I have looked at perhaps buying a Drobo, but I am not sure how fail-safe these really are. Maybe a NAS is the way to go? Again: backup is important.
I'd much appreciate any suggestions/comments/experience.
Thank you,

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Re: image storage

Post by johnbarrett » 08 Dec 21 16:09

In my PC I have a 4Tb SSD with a 4Tb Hdd I backup onto. Than I use an NAS, three 7 Tb HDD, two mirroring each other and 3rd would replace any HDD thats failing. There is a spare space that can have a extra drive added to increase capacity if needed. Indeed you can replace one drive with a larger one and the NAS will (slowly) rebuild the system using the extra space. I have a USB drive that has nightly backups of changes, I can go back to recover data for about 6months. I also have a nightly backup (to my sons NAS) so have off site coverage (and he to my NAS). I am using a Synology DS920+ using there SHR with is much more flexible that other RAD systems. You can have automatic or not backups from PC’s (or Mac’s). In theory you can use SSD extras to speed up data flow in and out, but most users say that’s a waste of time out side of places with very heavy use, but the extra memory if probably worth it.

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