Flickr Uploads Failing

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Flickr Uploads Failing

Post by n8vz » 20 Jul 21 18:16

I've been trying to upload about a dozen photos to Flickr using PSU's sharing option. Each time it gets to exactly 64.7 percent of the last process and freezes. I've done a reauthorization with Flickr, but that didn't help. None of the files is corrupt. I can't figure out what is going on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. -- Carl

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Re: Flickr Uploads Failing

Post by snowman1 » 20 Jul 21 22:42

I would recommend to share to a folder and then use Flickr's own uploader (web page) by simply selecting all the files in the folder and dragging them to the uploader web page. It's a robust and easy method.

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