making removing files clearer

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making removing files clearer

Post by pakunoda » 16 May 09 12:51

when you remove an image, a warning arises. If the image is selected from media explorer, the warning is easy to understand, remove = delete file.
But when you are exploring your labels, remove = remove from database, and you can choose to keep the file (by default).

I don't know about other users, but I found it confusing during my early days of use; so I suggest adding a line in the warning to remind the user that he is working in "labeling" mode or "browsing" mode.

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Re: making removing files clearer

Post by doug_w » 22 Jul 09 0:33

I agree that the delete dialogue can be confusing. Hopefully something is in the works for v 5.


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Re: making removing files clearer

Post by weidmic » 22 Jul 09 0:50

Hi Doug and pakunoda,

I think the new delete dialog for V5 is no longer confusing and will please you both :wink:

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Re: making removing files clearer

Post by Hert » 22 Jul 09 2:24

Hi Doug

Michael is right... The delete dialog is completely redone for v5 and the del and ctrl+del options are integrated into one.

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