Understanding Web Publishing & FTP

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Understanding Web Publishing & FTP

Post by agk7 » 01 Dec 08 5:46

Hi all,

I am just trying to get my head around the process of web publishing and FTP transfer.

I understand that we can "only update changes" etc with both publishing & FTP (although i seem to be having trouble with this with web publishing and the SimplyGrey template as raise in another post.)

What happens though to items that you delete from your portfolios? are these deleted with a fresh publish & ftp transfer?

I have just tried a couple of options and it seems to leave the old files in place which leaves a bit of a maintenance issue. Perhaps this is a normal problem for websites i'm not really sure but would appreciate some clarity on how people are using these tools without creating lots of redundant data on their web server.

Any advice much appreciated.

Albury, Australia
PSu 4.3 Win10

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