migrating to new computer

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migrating to new computer

Post by randym » 17 Dec 13 3:35

I want to migrate my photos and database to a new computer. I have the same file structure on the new computer, so I thought it work without any remappping. But it doesn't.

My OS is on C, my photos are on E on both computers. The Volume names may be different though.

My guess is this is covered in another thread. Please diret me.


Mike Buckley
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Re: migrating to new computer

Post by Mike Buckley » 17 Dec 13 5:32

Make sure you have a backup copy of your database. In the Catalog Folders, right click the root of drive E or whatever your root folder is for your image files. Click "Relocate this folder on disk." Backup your catalog. Compact your catalog.

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