Keywords in RAW

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Keywords in RAW

Post by kmayer » 29 Oct 13 4:57


I had been making jpg of all my raw and keeping the keywords in jpg. I'm now thinking I will just keep the keywords in the raw and skipping the JPG step. Is there an easy way to copy keywords from a file called 1234.jpg oi 1234.tif?

Many thanks.

Mike Buckley
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Re: Keywords in RAW

Post by Mike Buckley » 29 Oct 13 8:35

I deleted my initial recommendation as I realize it will mess things up.

If you are using the Pro edition, you can use the Version Detection Wizard. Enable the parameter, "auto cascade meta information after storing versions." (That parameter is available only in the Pro edition.) Click the icon located immediately to the right of that parameter. Enable the top parameter that is then displayed. Run the Version Detection Wizard and store the versions. If you don't want the various versions to remain "versioned," select all of the versions, right click one of them, select "Versions" and then select "Break Version Sets." It's best to test this method on isolated copies of your images just to make sure you've got everything configured properly.

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