Append to existing catalog labels from text file?

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Append to existing catalog labels from text file?

Post by bssmith » 07 Feb 13 3:46

I use IDimager to tag a collection of family history items. A photo of John Doe might be labeled "John Doe" for example, along with many other labels.

I am at a point where I have too many individuals named "John Doe" - and need to find a way to make each label unique. I plan to do so using the birth and death dates, so "John Doe" might become "John Doe (1833-1875)".

My question is how can I most quickly update my existing catalog labels, so that "John Doe" becomes "John Doe (1833-1875)"? For that minority of labels which are true (current) duplicates of one another - like the example I've chosen here - I am willing to do this manually. But for the other catalog labels which are currently unique, but still need a birth-death date appended so that they remain unique in the future, I want to automate that process if at all possible - there are more than one thousand of these labels.

Is there a method where I could reference a text file with the new style ["John Doe (1833-1875)"] labels, such that the original "matching" label ["John Doe" in this example] within IDimager would be automatically updated? Or is there perhaps another approach to consider here?


-- Ben

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