Print actual size?

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Print actual size?

Post by pgerrish » 05 Nov 12 12:57

IDImager Personel 5 and simple printing

Not familiar with printing and offers almost too much for what I am simply trying to to do. I have "passport" size photo that I have cropped and corrected (the image) to required correct size (45mm x 35mm) within IDI. I just want to print multiple copies of the same photo on a single page at the actual (true) size I have sized it to without adjusting in Print function.I have managed to do this now but have had to create a "print slot" that matches exactly the same size and then apply it to the photo (which is already the same size).
  • Can I just ask IDI to print multiple copes of the same photo at the actual photo size and keep exact size and proportions?
  • When sizing in printing I can only size in inches where as I can size in metric to correct in editing the photos. Can I change to metric measurement in Print?

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