Editing photo perspective (trapezium, skew)

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Editing photo perspective (trapezium, skew)

Post by touriga » 02 Sep 12 17:07

I have a large number of photos I transfer to PC. I use a camera and tripod, and try to start with the best possible picture. However, the perspective of the picture is inevitably skewed slightly. Depending on the surface I sometimes have to take at an angle to eliminate reflections.
If the picture is important enough I use Gimp to correct the perspective. It is fantastic for this purpose, but involves opening the picture up separately in Gimp, saving it and then refreshing in IDimager.

Because going between IDimager and Gimp is such a hassle I use the IDimager rotation tools and cropping tools and only resort to Gimp's perspective editing when the original is particularly bad or the picture particularly important.

I note that these days a number of smart phone scanner apps include something very simple to adjust the perspective of the document you "scan". Basically you move a cursor dot to each corner of the document and it pulls it into a rectangle.

Can something similar be included in the IDimager editing tools? It would be much more efficient to undertake this wihin IDimager as part of my workflow.

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