Question concerning Color Labels

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Question concerning Color Labels

Post by tumirnix » 26 Jul 12 23:48

for me it is still a bit confusing that the color labels are not handled consistently. In the Image
Details and in the Catalog View I can see (when I start my German installation with the -l EN option)
the values: "No Label", "Auswählen", "Second", "Approved", "Review", "To Do"
In the filter I can only select: "NON", "COLOR", "RED", "GREEN", "BLUE", "YELLOW", "PURPLE".
Only in the Catalog Explorer and in the Options are both sights visible together, e.g. "To Do"="PURPLE".
Note: The colors are translated, when I start the German UI, the names remain the same.

Do you see a chance that on all places the color and the name is visible?

Thanks in advance

PS. I'm using IDI ProSL

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