5.1.21: Sync errors

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5.1.21: Sync errors

Post by andy@damroundup.com » 14 Mar 12 16:38

Moving info to a new topic in the proper board:

Ok.. so I just tested the new version with about 19 images from a recent download.. used my standard workflow from Idi to LR for DNG images... good news and bad news..

The good news is all the thumbnails and previews did update correctly (YAY!).. the bad news.. I got 3 sync error message during the process like this one:
idi2.jpg (30.38 KiB) Viewed 1550 times
Now, I could see that LR took about 10 seconds per images to update... Idi was following along, flashing the thumbnail twice to do what appeared 2 separate updates (why?). Also a concern, about 1/2 the images still have the orange box on them.. why would that be? I thought so long as auto-sync is enabled, then any sync that would occur would update the images/metadata and bring it in-sync... why would some images be in sync and some out-of-sync because of this process? All the images were edited in LR, so they all received updated previews and LR metadata. How can I know why idimager thinks the image is not in sync..?

Just to note: I only had Idimager and Lightroom running. Lightroom was busy writing the previews and metadata to the images and Idimager was busy updating the thumbs/previews/metadata so nothing else had those files locked. My guess would be that Idimager is trying to access the files before LR is finished updating them... ie: perhaps LR writes out the metadata before updating the previews and Idimager sees that update and begins to read the file while it is still in use?

Also, I am still unsure why the orange boxes would remain on images files when auto-sync has been established and should be working - isn't the purpose of autosync to always ensure you catalog never has an orange box because the file and catalog should also be sync'd up? perhaps I really misunderstand how auto-sync works and what exactly the orange box indicates...

thx again.
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