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Downloader Filter/Mark Help

Post by dannybruk » 29 Feb 12 11:54


Having trouble with Downloader and don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I am doing mass imports from an old hard drive folder by folder, many are duplicates as expected.

My first problem is that under Basic Settings I have 'Don't overwrite existing images' selected, yet those with a red flag *are* overwritten when I carry out the download. Shouldn't they be excluded/not copy/be a yellow flag?

My second problem relates to trying to get around the first problem. I am trying to filter out those that are flagged and failing miserably.

The display starts off showing 2195 of 2195 items, which is fine.

If I mark 'flagged' that drops to 2149 of 2195, also fine.

If I then apply a filter for 'unmarked' items the display shows 0 of 46 but the display shows 46 files all of which have flags. I know this is incorrect as in this particular folder all 2149 flagged items are jpgs, the remaining items are RAW and video files.

I'm totally confused - I want to see the 46 files that do *not* have flags next to them so I don't have to download the rest of the files. Better still, I'd rather the 'Don't overwrite existing images' setting worked.

Any helpful hints greatly appreciated, i'm tearing my hair out here...


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