Image versions shown as separate files in catalog explorer

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Image versions shown as separate files in catalog explorer

Post by br_davies » 30 Jan 12 15:04

I've created a version set containing a DNG and JPG but images are displayed as separate thumbnails when browsing using the catalog explorer (CE). I'm certain this used to work??

To reproduce:

1. Import images using a download sequence which converts RAW to DNG stored in a directory '2011_12_25/7D' (note, the RAW images are not contained as a part of the IDI catalog).
2. Selecting folder '2011_12_25/7D' shows DNG images (as expected).
3. Import a single DNG image (e.g. X.DNG) into photoshop, edit, export as JPG to '2011_12_25/PS' (e.g X.JPG).
4. In catalog explorer, add X.DNG and X.JPG to image basket with CTRL-B.
5. Select X.DNG in image basket, drag X.JPG to version panel in the "[ album display ]" placeholder.
6. Browse to '2011_12_25/7D' in catalog explorer and select X.DNG. Version panel definitely shows the two images as versions.
7. Browse to '2011_12_25' (i.e. the parent folder), both X.DNG and X.JPG are displayed as thumbnails.

Note, it doesn't matter whether I select X.DNG or X.JPG as the "[ main version ]".

This is my understanding regarding version sets:
- I expect that when I run a batch job (e.g. "publish smaller JPEGS to a directory", "resize images for email", etc) the batcher should only process one image from a version set (the main version? the album display?). Currently it processes all of the images
- When I view images in the catalog explorer, I should only ever see one image from a version set. Currently I see all images in a version set.

Is this correct?

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IDimager V5 - Digital Image Manager

Operation System: Windows 7 (64 bits) (Version: 6.1 build 7601)
Display Setting : 1920x1080 (2 monitors)
Processor Count : 8
Installed Memory: 8 GB
Available Memory: 6.1 GB
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