Download profiles shared between Idimager & IdimagerMonitor?

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Download profiles shared between Idimager & IdimagerMonitor?

Post by dickl » 25 Jan 12 17:25

I've experienced a crash with IdimagerMonitor in my Windows 7 32 system.

It has worked fine for a long time, so I don't think Idimager is at fault.

I uninstalled Idimager completely, and deleted some keys in the Registry. I then completely reinstalled Idimager from scratch. When IdimagerMonitor started up after re-installation, Windows 7 rejected it saying it needed elevation??? I don't think I had to install it as Administrator before???

I cancelled the message, and started it up from the normal location in \Program files... And it loaded fine.

When I inserted my memory card, IdimagerMonitor's downloader started up like usual, but all my download profiles appeared to be gone, and only the default was listed. My download profiles still appear fine in Idimager after the re-installation.

My question is does IdimagerMonitor and Idimager share the download profiles or do they need to be created in each program?


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