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Downloader improvments

Post by rafabu » 04 Jan 12 11:10


there are two little things which would greatly improve IDImager (Downloader) for me:

1. Each time after the downloader has done it's job, it asks whether to save the current download profile or not. As I always want to use the same profile that I have saved once, this dialog is quite annoying because of the risk of choosing the wrong answer from time to time. Having a checkbox to remember my choice for the next times, would be great.

2. In the downloader dialog you can enter a source and a destination path for the images. Choosing a new source path always starts in the folder which has been preset by the current download profile. This ist ok. But choosing a destination folder starts within the last selected SOURCE folder and not the preset destination folder - this is quite unconvienient because my preset destination folder servers as a kind of base path for my destination images and completely differs from my source path.


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