FR: Add relationships from new catalog label window

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FR: Add relationships from new catalog label window

Post by dimaip » 20 Oct 11 7:34

Dear Hert!
I haven't posted in this forum for a while, and here's the thing i desperately need...
As I create a new catalog label, I very often need to add many catalog relationships to it, and this process now is really slow and hard to explain to other people.
Could you add such a field to the 'new catalog label' window? There are already many not such important fields, and this thing probably will not distract other users too much.

Catalog relationships is the unique feature of IDI, and I think it's not being paid enough of attention...

Thanks for your hard work, IDI has really become an amazing product!


edit: oups, looks like I have already asked for it a while back... ... 452#p65452

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