Archiving file selection

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Archiving file selection

Post by twk » 20 Sep 11 22:23

So I recently decided to archive the raw images off my hard drive, onto DVD. I have jpg versions of all of them to work with in most cases, but keep the raw files around for color correction. I selected all raw files by file type in the catalog browser,and set the view to raw only, so the selection should have only been .arw files. I selected transfer|archive from the menu. I identified the target directory and told it to move (rather than copy). Unexpected results. With about a third of the files, it moved a JPG version of the raw file to the new destination and left the raw images in their original places. with 1600 files, and many directories, this has been difficult to untangle.
This is pretty counter intuitive behavior. Any thoughts or explanations?


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