Darwin Core XMP bug

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Darwin Core XMP bug

Post by fbungarz » 09 Sep 11 16:05

Dear Hert,
I can now regularly reproduce the corruption of my Darwin Core custom metadata. This error has nothing to do with Len Merkel's "import from CSV script" as I previously believed but is clearly a bug caused by IDI when writing to several structured custom XMP fields simultaneously.

This is what consistently happens:
(1) I select several thumbs in the thumbnail viewer and type a number into the field "dwc:recordNumber".
(2) Hit "Apply", auto-sync on.
(3) After the metadata are written a little toothed wheel symbol appears in front of the field.
(4) With that symbol in front that field appears empty but when I put the cursor into the field some garbage notation of a date appears: "[30-Dec-1899 (-06:00),30-Dec-1899 (-06:00),00:00:00 (-06:00),0,0,0,0,0,,,,,]"
(4a) if I now open that image in photoshop it tells me the image metadata are corrupted and are ignored).
(5) When I delete the garbage and hit "Apply" again the number that I originally entered magically re-appears.
(5a) I can now open the image in Photoshop and do no longre get the error.

The error happens ONLY when I enter the number into that field for several selected thumbs and I can only fix it one image at a time (very annoying, very cumbersome for MANY, MANY images!).

This means:
I cannot select several thumbs and enter custom metadata into the "dwc:recordNumber" field.

I have described the odd behavior already here: http://forum.idimager.com/viewtopic.php ... 48&start=0

I would really, really, really!!! appreciate very much if that error can be fixed and am very happy to send you whatever image, metadata schema, settings etc. you might need...

Thank you,


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