Change DNG Import Script Options

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Change DNG Import Script Options

Post by fbungarz » 06 Sep 11 16:16

Hi all,
I am getting very annoyed because of a behavior of the Downloader that I really do not understand.

I remember that there used to be an options box for the DNG Import Script which I am using as a post processing script. I know that the first time I run that script as a post script it is possible to disable the pop-up box that tells me which options I want to use, where the DNG converter is located etc.

Unfortunately, once I have checked that I do not want to see that box again I can no longer enable it to pop up. I have tried countless times now to re-load this script by saving yet another download profile but the box never pops up again and the script always runs with the last enabled options! That means, once I run the script and check the box not to have the pop-up I can no longer access any options EVER!

Please, can someone tell me how to have that box pop up again???


[EDIT: Found the solution here: ... 3d081cd171]

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