IDimager V5.1 released!!

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Re: IDimager V5.1 released!!

Post by dheaton » 28 Sep 10 3:15

I am trying to update to V5.1 but I get error 1223 and says it can not launch the webupdater. Does anyone know why this happens?


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Re: IDimager V5.1 released!!

Post by DirkS » 28 Sep 10 16:49

Does anyone know why this happens?
No, but you can always download the full version (e.g. from the user control panel: and update manually.

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Re: IDimager V5.1 released!!

Post by dimaip » 02 Oct 10 8:30

Lars wrote:
dimaip wrote:Still waiting for a better query mechansim, as my catalog grows, it became of great need to be able to build querys without the need to scroll thru catalog tree each time.
Ones I had the same opinion, but then I discovered the "Quick Search Panel"-"search catalog labels":

It accept combined search, using "+, ?, -" for "AND,OR, NOT" - Don't have to write full label names since it come up with a list of possibilities - Have you tried it? - I use it a lot and it's really useful.
Thanks Lars!!!
It's exactly what I needed. I have also created a FR, related to it:

Danny E. Macklin
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Re: IDimager V5.1 released!!

Post by Danny E. Macklin » 17 Dec 11 22:37

Hey thanks for the new version. I'll hope they work very fast and furious . Hopefully every new member get a advantage of these and now i'm glad to be part of these forum.
Thank you again Hert .