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by nikcob
15 Aug 17 9:55
Forum: Photo Supreme
Topic: change browser for google maps in geotagging panel??
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change browser for google maps in geotagging panel??

When opening the geotag panel there is an announcement that I'm using a browser that isn't supported by the javascript-api from google maps. Looking at the properties (right click) I see that there is indeed the internet explorer icon and the type is "chrome html document". Is it possible to change ...
by nikcob
11 Mar 17 16:51
Forum: Photo Supreme
Topic: No location details in GEO tag panel
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No location details in GEO tag panel

Searching codes by geographical names and reverse search of geographical names by codes doesn't work. The part with location details of the geo tag panel stays empty. Till now it has been functioning well.
Someone has an idea why it's broken?
by nikcob
10 Mar 17 16:04
Forum: Photo Supreme
Topic: not synchronized
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not synchronized

First I'm an unexperienced user! I discovered that after geotagging the place name is one of the labels to a picture and that's fine for me. The next time opening PS all the subject labels are still attached to the picture but NOT the geographical label. The geographical information is still there i...
by nikcob
23 Jun 16 20:22
Forum: Photo Supreme
Topic: google maps doesn't load
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google maps doesn't load

As a new user of photo supreme I encounter the problem that google maps doesn't load opening the application(up till now there were no problems): "Oops something went wrong;This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details" But I'm not an expert, so what d...