Can't open photos in film noir on mac

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Can't open photos in film noir on mac

Postby Mint888 » 21 Sep 13 12:12

Trying to use film noir for the first time but It won't open any photos on my
macbook. It says access is denied? What do need to do?

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Re: Can't open photos in film noir on mac

Postby Hert » 22 Sep 13 9:58

If you get Access is Denied then the OS refuses the application to access the file that you specified.
Sandboxing on MacOS requires applications to "request access" specifically and in your case you obviously didn't get authorization from the OS.
Make sure that you use the standard open methods as provided by the application, best to use the "open" dialog as that will make sure that a new authorization is requested.

If that fails too then try to delete the app and redownload it from the MacAppStore. That will make MacOS recreate the Sandbox.
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