I presume this isn't normal behaviour?

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I presume this isn't normal behaviour?

Post by RickHeath » 02 Apr 18 21:43

Using Photo Supreme is definitely getting less supreme!

When I start the program (v4.0.1.1125) it will have forgotten all the numbers of images in the Collections & Portfolios (the grey boxes are unpopulated). PSU then takes about 10 minutes to do whatever it has to do (using around 20% CPU all this time in the process). During this time a single click will render the program unresponsive ("Not Responding" in the title bar) for around 30 seconds. If the action was a right click on a thumbnail, nothing will happen for the 30 seconds & then the menu will appear & vanish again in a fraction of a second! Closing a collection & re-opening it will trigger a re-run of counting the number of images for several minutes.

Once all the numbers are there PSU will run normally (mostly - see below!) until the counting begins again!

I presume this isn't expected behaviour. Is PSU currently a lemon or is there something I can do to improve things? I've tried re-installs (of PSU - I've no intention of re-installing Windows as everything else appears to be working just fine), restarts & compacting databases.

BTW Now the latest update has killed sorting collections by photo date - they stay sorted by file name. Other, less useful, sorts still work but viewing of a chronological sequence of images from multiple cameras in currently not possible. :x

(Both issues reported via Mantis)

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