Automatic sync/import?

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Automatic sync/import?

Post by sarahguskykemer » 25 Apr 17 15:59


We are using the sql version and were wondering if it's possible to have ps automatically detect and import new images/folders on our desktops (which would be in addition to what's on our server). I figure we'll have to open the program but that's all we'd like to do. If it requires coding I can do that, with some guidance.


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Re: Automatic sync/import?

Post by Hert » 25 Apr 17 23:29

A warm welcome to the forums.
You probably already know that you can use "Verify Folder" to detect changes. PSU has no way to do that automatically
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Re: Automatic sync/import?

Post by andrew.heard » 26 Apr 17 0:57

Verify Folder - since I upgraded to Photo Supreme-64 a few days ago I've noticed twice that PSu has crashed during a Verify Folder operation. No data lost. Appears the crash was after the verify as the thumbnails were displayed upon restart. Yes, I had previously reported this in Mantis.

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Re: Automatic sync/import?

Post by fbungarz » 26 Apr 17 12:04

I also still experience problems with verify. Especially if I use it to add just a few new photos from a folder with lots of images. The program the typically stalls...
Just one example:
All my images are in folders organized by year and then date. I wish there was a way just to quickly add a new folder and verify only that folder. Right now, if I manually add one folder to the folder "2007", which has already 10 subfolders it takes ages for that new folder to be detected by "verify". Worse: adding the folder and perhaps 10 images inside the program progresses to about 85% import and then stalls. After restart the folder is there and so are the images...
No idea what is going on. Verify works very well if you run it on one folder that contains only images, but no subfolders. In a nested hierarchy it takes ages and frequently stalls.

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Re: Automatic sync/import?

Post by weidmic » 26 Apr 17 15:47

Mantis bug report filed:
I have trouble with verify folder too...

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Re: Automatic sync/import?

Post by sarahguskykemer » 29 Apr 17 3:06

Yeah i use verify folder frequently. I was asking if we could automate that. Guess we can't yet.


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