Using a PSu catalog on two computers?

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Using a PSu catalog on two computers?

Postby simato73 » 06 Jan 17 22:54

I a recent post I mentioned that I use a laptop while shooting on a trip and that when I am at home I have to transfer the images and their metadata.
My only experience so far has not been totally smooth.
Reading in the forum I have found this post by Mike Buckley, where he says that

Mike Buckley wrote:As Phil alluded, you can use the software on multiple computers so long as only one computer is being used at a time. In fact, I wonder if you are aware that the software is explicitly designed so you can leave all of your image files on your desktop and continue to easily catalog them on your laptop while away.

Perhaps at this stage it is still a bit speculative, I have so much of the basics still to learn, but how does one do what Mike wrote?

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