Thumbnail Color Management (again)

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Thumbnail Color Management (again)

Postby wphx » 19 Jan 16 9:49


I'm relatively new to properly calibrating my monitor. I understand that after calibration a monitor profile will be created. In color management, I have the input profile set to sRGB, and the output profile set to the monitor profile created by the calibration. I don't understand what happens when I select 'use color management to generate thumbnails' is selected. My question comes from the concern as to should I change the monitor profile (new calibration, new monitor etc.), how that would affect the previously generated thumbnails and previews (if they have been generated by color management). Will I have to regenerate the thumbnails in such circumstances? I understand that the use of color profiles for monitors etc., enables the image files to be more or less device independent, and yet render in a common way to the eye on any monitor.

Thankyou if you can clarify this option for me.

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